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New Construction Inspection Request

Congratulations on Your New Home!

At Starmark, we perform PreDrywall, Final and Builder’s Warranty Inspections. If you’re ready to schedule your New Construction Home Inspection, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the request form.

Here’s some information about what’s inspected at each phase of home building and when to schedule your inspection accordingly.

The reality today is that most home builders are accountants, financiers and occasionally job site managers.  They have little or no actual skills in construction.   So who actually built your home? The answer is: the sub-contractors that the builder hires to do the work.  So, whether all of your new home functions as it should and safely and with quality strictly depends on the knowledge and skill of the sub-contractors.   And candidly, the quality of the sub-contractors varies greatly.

Remember a home inspector that YOU hire works for YOU, the buyer.   Home Builders are not as diligent to point out issues. It is in your best interest to hire your own inspector.

For a video of some of the items we see at home inspections of new construction, click

When To Schedule Your Predrywall Inspection…

The ideal time to conduct a predrywall inspection is BEFORE the insulation is installed, but after the piping, wiring and HVAC ductwork are installed. This allows for the most visibility during this stage of building. Typically, your inspection will take place before your walkthrough with the builder at this stage.

When To Schedule Your Final Home Inspection…

The ideal time to conduct the Final Home Inspection on your new home is after all work has been completed and all the utilities are on inside the home. This means that when you turn the faucet on at the kitchen sink – the water comes out and when you flip a light switch – the lights turn on. Of course, we can still perform a home inspection if workers are not quite finished or not quite all the utilities are on yet, but you may not be as happy with the report.

When To Schedule Your Builder’s Warranty Inspection….

The ideal time to conduct the Builder’s Warranty Inspection is sometime near the 10 month mark. This should give your builder plenty of time to address and fix any issues discovered during the inspection.

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